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Small hours, Friday 12 March from snowbound Co Wicklow

Hello everyone logging on to CD’s Breaking Glass Website this is Hazel O’Connor here and I want to tell you about 4 very exciting gigs coming up for anyone with an interest in my Breaking Glass music. In a few weeks time, I’ll be playing with a full band including sax (the band are from my hometown Coventry and are called The Subterraneans ). The four gigs will feature mostly Breaking Glass material and I’ll be including “Who Needs It” which I’m often asked to perform but never have to date. This will be the first time! Its the right time to do this particular song and I’ll be dedicating it to that short sighted scarey US president in fact he does act like “the creature at the top of the tower” if you get my meaning. Of course I’ll be doing Eighth Day, Will You, Blackman, If Only to name but a few plus that old Stranglers favourite I covered Hanging Around and fave rave Decadent Days and of course Cover Plus now we’re all grown up!

Anyway people, I really need you support on these shows. Please come to one and tell a friend to come, tell ten friends to come and if possible try to come to the Brighton gig on 4th April as one of the others. The 4th April gig is being filmed for a DVD. So please come wearing your best regalia and bring your good cheer, hand claps and foot stomps: I really need a good crowd at the Brighton Concorde 2 gig. I look forward to revisiting the Breaking Glass music.

On a sadder note: The director of Breaking Glass died on the 4th January 2004 after a two year fight against a rare bone cancer. I went to the funeral as I was luckily in England at the time. I saw Jonathan Price there and we were both very upset. Brian Gibson changed my life so drastically by giving me the chance to play Kate in Breaking Glass and teaching me how to act and nurturing me before, during and after the film. We always remained friends since the Breaking Glass times. I sang at the Celebration of his life last week in London and saw Phil Daniels there. I hadn’t seen him for 20 years or more. So many actors and producers said wonderful things about Brian. I will miss him so much he was my mentor.

So everyone come help us make a big noise to celebrate Breaking Glass’s 25th Anniversary and to give Brian a good send off.

Looking forward to seeing you

Lots of Love

Signed Hazel O’Connor
Posted on 12 Mar 2004 by seedy
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