However, after many auditions Ken is still the only suitable musician, so Danny introduces Kate to two friends of his from Leeds Poly. Kate meets the bass player, Dave, (Gary Tibbs) and guitar player, Tony, (Mark Wingett) and hears them play.
 Despite her reservations about their attitude she is impressed with their ability and agrees to bring them in. Ken introduces a drummer, Mick, (Peter Hugo-Daly) and the band is complete. 
Breaking Glass have their first gig in their local pub [Monsters in Disguise].  However, the landlord is not impressed and despite admitting that his beer sales were up, insists that they come back and play again before he will pay them.
 After the gig, they get the money together to make a demo tape.  At the end of the session, during a row about the way the tape sounds, the mixer controls are broken and the sound becomes perfect !!